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James B. Kelley, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Office: 250 Mandeville Hall
Phone: (610) 660-2266
Fax: (610) 660-3239

Dr. Kelley began his tenure at SJU in the Fall of 2009. Previously, he spent four years in Australia and one year in Tokyo, Japan (teaching English). Over the last 10 years he has worked in Marketing in various positions (e.g., advertising, sales & consulting). Dr. Kelley shares his unique experiences in the classroom, as well as they shape his research agenda. Dr. Kelley's research focuses on international consumer behavior, online brand communities, and corporate wellness branding.


Ph.D. in International Marketing, May 2010 University of Western Australia Perth, Australia

Masters of Management Research, 2007 University of Western Australia Perth, Australia

Masters of Business Administration, 2003 Wagner College

Bachelor of Arts, 1997 University of Dayton

Courses Taught

  • Principles of Marketing (UD)
  • Consumer Behavior (UD)
  • International Marketing (UD)
  • Marketing Concepts (MBA & EMBA)
  • Global Marketing Concepts (MIM)
  • Global Marketing Communications (MIM)
  • Seminar in International Marketing (MIM)
  • International Marketing Study Tour (MIM)



Mark Lang, James B. Kelley, and Kelly Moore (2015) “Simulated Attention Tracking Methodologies: An Examination of Measurement Efficacy.” Journal of Food Products Marketing. (In Press.

James B. Kelley and Dana Alden (2015), “Online Brand Community: The Individual Motivation Continuum of Brand Website Interactivity. A Self-Determination Theory Perspective.” Internet Research. (In Press).

Dana L. Alden, James B. Kelley, Petra Riefler, Julie A. Lee, Geoffrey N. Soutar (2013) The Effect of Global Company Animosity on Global Brand Attitudes in Emerging and Developed Markets: Does Perceived Value Matter?. Journal of International Marketing. Vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 17-38.

James B. Kelley, Julie Ann Lee and Geoff Soutar (2012) “Global Cultural Identity: An Examination of Bi-cultural Self-Concepts Through Priming in Australia”, International Business: Research, Teaching and Practice. Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 76-95. 

Conference Proceedings

Mark Lang, James Kelley, and Kelly Moore (2015) “The Extent and Nature of External Information Search at the Point of Sale: The Explanatory Capacity of Eye-Tracking Techniques.” AMA/ACRA Triennial Conference (Best Paper Nominee).

James Kelley and Dana Alden (2014), “Brand Engagement in Self-Concept: What role does it play in an online brand community?” AMS, Indianapolis.

James Kelley, Julie Ann Lee and Geoff Soutar (2011) "The Global Consumer-Who is it", In Southeast Conference of the Academy of International Business, Winter Park, FL.

James Kelley (2011) “The Impact of Ethical Consumerism in Australia and South Korea”, in Consumer Culture Theory Conference Poster Session, Chicago, IL.

James Kelley (2010), "Consumers Global Brand Attitude: A Two Country Study", in Global Brand Conference, Istanbul, Turkey.

James Kelley, Julie Lee and Geoff Soutar (2008) "Can Consumers' Global/Local Consumption Orientation Be Primed?", in ANZMAC, Sydney, Australia, pg. 1-8

Julie A Lee, Geoffrey N Soutar, Timothy M Daly, Jordan Louviere and James B Kelley (2007) "Schwartz Values Clusters and Tourists' Activities," in ANZMAC, Otago, New Zealand, pg. 1-7.



  • International Marketing
  • Consumer attitudes toward global brands
  • Cultural influence on perceived value of global brands
  • The emergence of brand social responsibility
  • Cultural aspects of online brand communities