Stacy Olitsky, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Discipline Taught: Education
Office: Merion Hall 252
Phone: (610)-660-3284

Stacy Olitsky is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Teacher Education. She teaches courses in science education and the sociological foundations of education. She earned a Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania with a joint degree in Education and Sociology. Her research interests include applying sociological theory and research methods to the study of urban science education, the relationship between identity and learning, social and emotional engagement in science classrooms, teacher change, and collaborations between science and math faculty members and K-12 teachers. She has published her work in journals that include the Journal of Research in Science Teaching, Science Education, and Cultural Studies of Science Education.


Bachelor of Arts- Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT (1993)


Ph.D., Joint Degree in Education and Sociology, Graduation date: August 2005

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA  


-Olitsky, S. (2013). We teach as we are taught: Exploring the potential for emotional climate to enhance elementary science preservice teacher education.  Cultural Studies of Science Education. 8(3), 561-570.

- Olitsky, S. & Milne, C. (2012).  Understanding engagement in science education: The psychological and the social. In Fraser, B. J., Tobin, K., & McRobbie, C. (Eds.) Second International Handbook of Science Education. Springer International Handbooks of Education, Vol. 24.

- Olitsky, S. (2011).  The role of fictive kinship relationships in mediating classroom competition and supporting reciprocal mentoring. Cultural Studies of Science Education, 6(4), 883-894.

- Olitsky, S., Loman, L., Gardner, J., & Billups, M. (2010). Coherence, contradiction and the development of school science identities. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 47(10), 1209-1228.

- Olitsky, S. (2008). Subverting race and class hierarchies in an urban magnet school: Identity construction through talk. Working Papers in Educational Linguistics, 23(1), 29-64.

- Olitsky, S. (2007). Promoting student engagement in science: Interaction rituals and the pursuit of a community of practice. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 44(1), 33-56.

- Olitsky, S. (2007). Facilitating identity formation, group membership, and learning in science classrooms: What can be learned from out of field teaching in an urban school? Science Education, 91(2), 201-221.

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- Olitsky, S. (2006). Structure, agency, and the development of students’ identities as learners. Cultural Studies of Science Education, 1(4), 745-766.

Grants and Awards

 National Association for Research in Science Teaching, Outstanding Dissertation Award 2006

University of Pennsylvania, Phi Delta Kappa Tau Chapter, Outstanding Dissertation Award 2006

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