Bryn Campbell

Associate Director

Florida and Delaware

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Phone: 610-660-1311

Twitter: @Bryn_at_SJU


Getting to know Bryn ... 

What would you do over again from your college experience, if you had the chance? 
Study Abroad!  I graduated college a semester early to help save money for myself and my family, but if I could, I would have just taken out more loans and gone abroad.

Why should I come to Saint Joseph's University?
SJU is really for those students who want to do something and do it well.  It's not for students who are hoping to coast through, get a degree and just get a job.  It is for those students who want to learn a theory, test it out, intern, volunteer and then find a career in an area that makes them want to go to work every day!

Why did you decide to study Psychology as your major? 
I started off in Environmental Engineering and when I realized I could barely pass basic Chemistry, I had to change my major.  I fell in love with Psychology and also picked up a minor in Anthropology because I loved the theories.  When I was done college though, I wasn't ready to think about Graduate school, so I found Admissions by accident.  I use my major and minor all of the time, believe it or not!

If you could educate all students on ONE thing about the admissions process, what would it be? 
Please do not ask "How is your XYZ program?"  If we offer the program, we already think it's great!  Ask me about research, internship and activity opportunities associated with that major.