Melissa English '04, MS '10

Associate Director

Transfer Applicants (with last names starting with N-Z)

Email Melissa
Phone: 610-660-1304

Twitter: @menglish04


Getting to know Melissa ...

Favorite thing about reading applications? 
The essay, because you learn so much about the applicant and his/her experiences.  Plus it's a useful tool to finding out more information about the transcript, activities, etc.

Favorite location on campus?
Either the Barbelin Courtyard, or the "quiet section" of the Library!

What would you do over again from your college experience, if you had the chance? 
I would do my Junior year trip to Fillger Farm, VA, with the Appalachian Experience Service Project. (Or my Sophomore year experience to Chavies, KY!)  I learned a lot about giving back, the Jesuits ideals, and about poverty in the U.S. It was a truly inspiring trip I would absolutely do again!