Brennan McDevitt

Director of Recruitment and Enrollment Operations

Puerto Rico, U.S Virgin Islands

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Getting to know Brennan ...

What is your favorite thing about reading applications?

Reading the college essay.  It is here more than anywhere else in the application where the personality of a student has the potential to shine through.  During review of the essay I learn of the many talents each applicant possesses and ways in which they will positively impact our community.

What is your favorite location on campus? 
The Barbelin Courtyard

What would you do over again from your college experience, if you had the chance? 
Study Abroad - Ireland and Italy would be my top two destinations.

What is your favorite thing to do in Philadelphia? 
Watch a Phillies Game at Citizens Bank Park while enjoying one of the world's finest cheese steaks.

Why did you decide to study Business in College?

I always have enjoyed working with people and while I didn't know exactly what career path I would follow, I knew learning about business management and organizational structure would serve me well in life and career.

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