Corinne Logan

Assistant Director

New Jersey (Ocean, Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland, Atlantic, Cape May counties)

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Getting to know Corinne ...

What would you do over again from your college experience, if you had the chance?  
I wish I had gotten more involved on campus sooner. I tiptoed around several groups and organizations my first two years and didn't go "all-in" until my junior year, which, surprisingly, ended up being my final year in college. I graduated a full year early, which is something else I would probably change if I could and instead pick up a second major to stay for my fourth year.

What question do you love to hear from students? 
"What can I do to give back to the SJU campus and community?" This is such a dynamite question because it hits on a multitude of levels. It asks about involvement on campus, student life and the overall ability for a student to create new organizations. It is also a great starter question for a conversation about that student's personal interests and college goals.

Why should I come to Saint Joseph's University? 
For whatever reason you decide. Be it for the beautiful campus, the competitive Division I athletics, our Jesuit mission, the hawk wraps, the strength of your intended major, or the walk-in closets in McShain. Make sure this decision is yours!

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