Michael Plourd

Admissions Counselor

Maryland, Washington D.C.

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Getting to know Michael ...

What would you do over again from your college experience, if you had the chance?
I would have been much more organized in my search. I only visited a couple of my schools and really didn't take my search too seriously. I was scrambling at the end to choose my school and felt a lot of pressure in my senior year that I could've easily avoided by just getting everything done early.

Why should I come to Saint Joseph's University?
Our students walk away from SJU saying it was the best four years of their lives. Saint Joseph's is the kind of school where students can have a college experience whether that means getting involved in clubs and organizations, community service, internships, studying abroad, athletics etc. It's the kind of school where students are never going to be bored because there is always something going on.  

If you could educate all students on ONE thing about the admissions process, what would it be?
Your admissions counselor is there to help you. They are a resource for you to get questions answered and reaching out to them is always encouraged.

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