Honoring your Service

Saint Joseph’s University understands and supports the calling to live greater that you have already exemplified by your service to our country. At Saint Joseph’s you will have the freedom to explore your interests and talents in a liberal arts program that provides the critical thinking and reasoning skills for the greatest flexibility to pursue a wide-range of career opportunities and industries.

By joining and becoming a member of the SJU community you will gain access to one of the strongest and largest alumni networks in the region to help support your career and life aspirations.

Office of Veterans Services

The Saint Joseph's University Office of Veteran Services is committed to honoring those who have served our country by providing opportunities for education and career advancement. Veterans Services understands the unique needs of the veteran population and strives to create a welcoming environment for veterans and their families. Veterans Services designs and implements customized education programs and ensures that veterans gain access to all eligible federal, state and local programs and services. SJU's Office of Veteran Services prepares veterans for personal excellence, professional success and engaged citizenship.


The Saint Joseph's University Office of Veterans Services is intended to demonstrate the SJU commitment to veterans and their families, and include a suite of programs and services.

Veterans Services will:

  • Serve as a focal point across all University programs and organizations
  • Develop unique programs for disabled veterans
  • Implement education and career programs for veterans and spouses
  • Enable readjustment and transition for veterans and their families
  • Facilitate employment opportunities and career development
  • Build a network of mentors, volunteers and counselors that will support our programs

Program Objectives

  • Outreach to Veterans and their families
  • Outreach to Disabled Veterans
  • Aligning Veterans with specific, customized programs and services
  • 1:1 mentoring and counseling
  • Connecting Veterans / Spouses with Education Programs and/or Employment
  • Build a network of mentors, counselors, volunteers and services providers
  • Improving the Veterans atmosphere across the University