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Five-Year Combined Bachelors and Masters Degree Programs
with Secondary Teaching Certification


The five year mathematics and science education programs at Saint Joseph’s University combine a rigorous undergraduate program leading to a B.S. in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry or Physics  and a graduate program leading to either an M.S. in Education or an M.S. in Mathematics Education.  Students fulfill all the major requirements of their content discipline in their first four years as well as some of the courses required for Secondary Teaching Certification and then during the summer, fall and spring semesters of the fifth year, complete all remaining requirements, including student teaching, for a Masters Degree and for PA Certification in mathematics or one of the sciences.   

General Program Requirements

Details by subject:

5-year program in Biology Education

5-year program in Mathematics Education

5-year program in Chemistry Education - contact the Chairperson of the Department of Chemistry

5-year program in Physics Education - contact the Chairperson of the Department of Physics


SJU has been awarded a Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF).  This grant provides tuition scholarships to students in the five year math and science education programs in return for commitments to teach in underserved school districts, such as the School District of Philadelphia.  These competitive awards are available for $20,000 during the senior year and $18,000 during the fifth year.  Students agree to teach two years in a high need school district for each year of scholarship support received. 

Students may apply for Noyce Scholarships for either the senior year, the fifth year or both.

Applications for Noyce Scholarships durint the senior or for both years should be made by April 15 of the junior year, the same deadline as for application to the 5-Year Math and Science Education Pograms.  Students applying for a Noyce Scholarship for the fifth year only, should apply by April 15 of the senior year.

INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES:  Summer Internships will not be available for Summer 2014


For more details or application forms for the Noyce Scholarships contact:

Dr. Sandra Fillebrown