College of Arts and Sciences

Math & Science Education

Internship Possibilities for Summer 2014

Details for Summer Internships for 2014 are pending. 

All interns are paid $15 per hour.  In addition to the specific requirements of each site, all interns will be required to meet an additional 4 times during the summer at SJU in the late afternoon or evening to discuss their experiences.

Students who would like to live on campus during their internship will receive an additional stipend to cover this cost; however, housing will only be available until August 1st and other arrangements will need to be made after that.  (Do not let this deter you; we can find housing for you if needed.)  Students will also be eligible for reimbursement for public transportation to travel to and from their intern sites.  There is free on-streeet parking near each site.


For further information or to submit materials:
Dr. Sandra Fillebrown
Department of Mathematics
Barbelin 235, x1568