College of Arts and Sciences

Math & Science Education

Requirements for 5-Year Programs in Math or Science for PA Secondary Certification


The five-year program is open only to undergraduate mathematics or science majors at Saint Joseph’s.  Students will be evaluated for acceptance into the program after the completion of the first semester of their junior year.  Applicants must submit a complete graduate on-line application by April 15 of the junior year.  A cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better is required.



Students must complete all requirements for the undergraduate B.S. degree in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry or Physics as described in the Undergraduate Catalog. To receive the M.S. degree in Education or Mathematics Education, students must take an additional 31 credits at the graduate level in Education (EDU), Special Education (SPE), Educational Leadership (EDL), Mathematics Education (MED), Biology (BIO), Chemistry (CHM) or Physics (PHY) during the following summer and academic year.

Graduate coursework (30 credits total) must include:

  1. Research Component:
    • Mathematics: MED 793 Research in Mathematics Education I (3 credits) or MED 783 Research in Mathematics I (3 credits)
    • Science: a research course in one of BIO, CHM or PHY (6 credits)
  2. SPE 602 Diagnostic Assessment and Progress Monitoring (includes Field Experience) (3 credits)
  3. EDU 616 or EDU 618 Instructional Techniques in Mathematics/Science (includes Field Experience) (3 credits)
  4. Student Teaching: EDU 691 Secondary Student Teaching (6 credits)
  5. Electives: 
    • Mathematics: graduate level courses in EDU, SPE, EDL or MED (15 additional credits)
    • Science: one graduatel level course in EDU, SPE or EDL (3 credits) plus graduate level courses in EDU, SPE, EDL, MED or the sciences (9 additional credits).  The Teacher Education Department recommends EDL 600 Teacher as Researcher and Reflective Practitioner or EDL 605 Criticial Contemporary Educational Issues as the required EDU/SPE/EDL course.

Required undergraduate coursework

  1. EDU 150/160 Schools in Society (includes Field Experience)
  2. EDU 157 Adolescent Development (includes Field Experience)
  3. SPE 160 Introduction to Special Education (includes Field Experience)
  4. SPE 203 Teaching in Inclusive Environments (includes Field Experience) (required for Math; recommended for Science)


Required coursework at either the undergraduate or graduate level:

  1. EDU 247 Reading in the Content Area or EDU 647 Literacy and Learning Across the Curriculum
  2. EDU 246 Literacy, Language and Culture or EDU 646 Language and Culture (includes Field Experience)


Certification Exams and Student Teaching
  1. Content Knowledge of Praxis (take by the spring semester of the senior year)
  2. Submit application for student teaching by the end of the spring semester of the senior year