College of Arts & Sciences

Actuarial Science Program

Why Actuarial Science?

The Actuarial Science Program, which leads to a B.S. degree in Actuarial Science, has three goals specific to the actuarial profession:

  • Maintain a high level of analytical training while providing the business perspectives and love of learning necessary for success in the actuarial science profession.
  • Grant majors the opportunity to pass the first two actuarial exams by senior year.
  • Ensure that students’ performance in the three areas covered by Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) is sufficient to receive VEE credit upon completion.

Distinctive Program Features and Benefits:

  • Inter-college program combining coursework from both the College of Arts & Sciences and the Haub School of Business.
  • Multidisciplinary program: Mathematics, Economics, Finance and Accounting.
  • Faculty with depth of knowledge and experience in the mathematical foundations of actuarial science and risk management, as well as extensive practical experience working in the field of actuarial science.
  • A rigorous curriculum required by the actuarial societies and designed to ensure that motivated students will receive credit in the three VEE areas (Economics, Corporate Finance, and Applied Statistical Methods) and have the opportunity to pass the first two actuarial exams.
  • Shadow Program: Allows students to ‘shadow’ working actuaries for a day and experience first-hand the rewards and challenges of the actuarial career.
  • Actuarial Internships: Paid internships at insurance companies and consulting firms are available to qualified students.
  • Career Launch: Successful students receive multiple job offers at attractive compensation levels in the Actuarial Science and Financial Services fields.
  • Vibrant student-run Actuarial Science Club: Sponsors colloquia and presentations by prominent actuarial executives in the region, provides support in the key areas of exam preparation, resume writing and interviewing techniques.
  • Industry Advisory Board: Composed of chief actuaries and senior executives of regional and national insurers, consulting firms, and industry rating organizations; facilitate internship and shadowing opportunities for qualified students; provide jobs for successful graduates.