College of Arts & Sciences

Art Department


We seek to have our students:

  • able to see and listen deeply
  • attend critically
  • make shapes, images, and ideas intentional,
  • and authentic, expressive of what is in their minds and hearts.

To these ends we;

  • teach them the techniques of our disparate fields, namely
  • drawing, painting, sculpture, topical anatomy, color theory; we require technical familiarity with computer graphics and auditory capabilities with the latest software and the most up-to-date critical methodologies of our disparate fields and
  • expect them to give themselves wholeheartedly to one or another medium of expression.

Producing a final portfolio or critical scholarship of work done in their final year with us.  This final production will be the culminating expression of their years of pushing their own personal envelope so that they might know themselves as artisans or historians of competence and self-assurance.  The final public critique of  the Senior Show or the public reception of their final art historical research will be the culmination of their collegiate careers and the response to it by their three mentors and the teacher of record should have a profound influence on the next stage in their creative careers.