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Welcome to the home page for the Biology Program at Saint Joseph’s University. Please follow the links on the left to learn more about us. The Department is located in the Science Center, in the main SJU campus, on the Philadelphia side of City Avenue.

The cornerstone of our educational philosophy is involving students in scientific research. The department has a long and productive history of student research and many students, both undergraduate and graduate, present their work at regional, national and international meetings each year. Many of our graduates enter schools of the health professions, graduate schools for M.S. or Ph.D. degrees, K-12 education, or industry jobs.


Did You Know……

  • 100% of all SJU students in the class of 2015 accepted to medical, dental, or veterinary school in 2015 were biology majors
  • Student acceptances included schools such as the Cooper Medical School of Rowan University, Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School- Rutgers, Pennsylvania College of Osteopathic Medicine, Temple Dental School, and Tufts University and the University of Pennsylvania (veterinary)
  • Almost 30% of graduating seniors conducted research with faculty members and presented their research at scientific meetings

Recent Departmental News

  • Local non-profit education group highlights SJU Biology service activities. Read the article from PHENND here.
  • Science on the Hill, a science café that fosters interactions between scientists and the public, featured a presentation by Dr. Bartholomew Tortella, speaking on "Gene Therapy: The Star Trek Next Generation approach to treating disease"
  • Biology and Physics faculty collaborate to enhance student's learning experience


  • 20 students conducted research internships in the department this past summer mentored by Biology faculty as part of the Summer Scholars Program

Faculty and Student Research

  • Over 60 students who participated in Phage Genomics laboratory since 2009 were co-authors on a published paper on bacteriophage genomics: Pope et al., (2015) “Whole genome comparison of a large collection of mycobacteriophages reveals a continuum of phage genetic diversity” elife 4:e06416

  • Learn about the wide range of faculty research going on in the Department.
  • Recent Faculty Publications:

    Forster B.M.
    and C. Arango Pinedo. 2015. Bacteriological examination of water: Membrane Filtration. ASM MicrobeLibrary-Laboratory Protocols

    Grogan, E. D.
    and R. Lund. 2015.  Two new Actinopterygii (Vertebrata, Osteichthyes) with cosmine from the BearGulch Limestone (Heath Fm. Serpukhovian, Mississippian) of Montana USA, Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 164(1):111-132. Published online, BioOne.
    Moss, S., S. Tittaferrante, G.P. Way, A. Fuller, N. Sullivan, N. Ruhl and S. P. McRobert.  2015. Interactions between aggression, boldness and shoaling in Amatitlania nigrofasciatus kin. Behavioural Processes 121: 63-69.

    Way, G.P., A. L. Kiesel, N. Ruhl, J.L. Snekser and S. P. McRobert. 2015. Sex differences in a shoaling-boldness behavioral syndrome, but no link with aggression. Behavioural Processes 113:7-12.
    Fingerut, J.T., Fonseca, D., Thomson, J. and Hart, D.D. 2015. Seeking shelter from the storm: Responses of benthic stream invertebrates to natural and experimental floods. Freshwater Science. 34:897-908

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Please contact the Chair, Dr. Christina King-Smith

Phone: 610-660-1820

FAX: 610-660-1832