College of Arts & Sciences

Biology Program

Courses for the Minor in Biology

This page contains a list of all of the  Biology courses which count towards the Minor in Biology in the College of Arts  & Sciences (day program). Click on the course links to go to the web page  for that particular course.  There you will find a detailed description of the  course, the instructor(s) and links to the Course Info web site for that course.

The following three courses make up the Biology Core. These courses are  prerequisites for all Biology courses numbered 2000 and higher.  All three of  the Biology Core courses must be taken for the Minor in Biology.

Biology Core Courses:

Bio  101 (Bio 1011) Bio I: Cells (4 credits)
Bio  102 (Bio 1021) Bio II: Genetic and Evolutionary Biology (4 credits)
Bio  201 (Bio 1031) Bio III: Organismic Biology (4 credits)

The following courses are Upper Level Biology courses.  Biology minors  must complete three Upper Level courses, including at least one from two of the  groups A through C.

Group A Courses - Cell Structure and Function:

Bio  402 Advanced Cell Biology (4 credits)
Bio  404 Biochemistry (3 credits)
Bio  408 Histology (4 credits)
Bio  410 Light & Electron Microscopy (4 credits)
Bio  411 Molecular Genetics (4 credits)
Bio  412 Neurobiology  (4 credits)
Bio  416 Microbiology (4 credits)
Bio  421 Biophysics (4 credits)

Group B Courses - Systemic Organization:

Bio  403 Biometrics and Modeling (4 credits)
Bio  405 Biomechanics
(4 credits)
Bio  407 Developmental Biology (4 credits)
Bio  413 Plant Physiological Ecology (4 credits)
Bio  415 Immunology (4 credits)
Bio  417 Systemic Physiology (4 credits)

Group C Courses - Evolution and Diversity of Life:

Bio  401 Animal Behavior (4 credits)
Bio  406 Comparative Anatomy (4 credits)
Bio  409 Ecology (4 credits)
Bio  414 Plant Systematics (4 credits)
Bio  419 Invertebrate Zoology (4 credits)
Bio  420 Bioinformatics (4 credits)
Bio  423 Evolution (4 credits)

Other Upper Level Biology Courses:

Bio  390 (Bio 2281) Seminar (Non-credit)
Bio  2911-2921   Independent Study
Bio  493L-494L (Bio 2951-2961) Undergraduate Research (3 credits/semester)
Bio  2953-2963 Honors Research (3 credits/semester)
Bio  491-492 (Bio 2991) Biology Internship (3 credits)
Bio  770 (Bio 4105) Advanced Topics in Biology (3 credits, cross-listed graduate  course)