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Biology Program

Courses in Biology for Non-science Majors

This page contains links to the courses offered by the Biology Department that satisfy the GER natural science requirement for non-science majors.  The first or the first two courses in the Biology Core sequence will also count towards the GER natural science requirement. Click on the course links to go to the web page for that particular course.  There you will find a detailed description of the course, the instructor(s) and links to the Blackboard web site for that course. More information about the GEP lab-based courses for non-majors is available here.

Nonmajors courses in Biology:

Bio 160 Heredity and Evolution (3 credits)
Bio 161 The Human Organism (3 credits)
Bio 163 Unseen Life on Earth (4 credits)
Bio 165 Exploring the Living World (4 credits)
Bio 270 Microbiology (4 credits)