College of Arts & Sciences

Department of Biology

Five Year BS/MS Education and Secondary Certification

The five year BS/MS Biology-Education program is designed for students who wish to become certified middle or secondary school science teachers.  This program incorporates the four year BS degree in Biology with additional work during the summer and in a fifth year to complete a MS in Secondary Education and to become certified.  Given the numerous course requirements for the dual degrees and the certification, it is important that students talk with their advisors about this program early in their careers to ensure that they are taking appropriate courses.  The curriculum listed below is meant as a guide; each student’s course of study may vary somewhat from this. Students interested in this program should speak with Dr. Julia Lee, advisor for the five-year program in Biology Education. You can reach him via phone at (610)660-1820 or by e-mail at

B.S. in Biology, M.S. in Education and secondary certification

Course Requirement

  Fall Spring
Freshmen CHM 1011/1112 Gen Chem/Lab CHM 1021/1122 Gen Chem/Lab
  MAT 1281 Applied Statistics MAT 1251 Applied Calculus
  ENG 1011 Craft of Lang. ENG 1021 Texts & Contexts
  BIO 1011 I: Cells BIO 1021 II: Genetics
Sophomore BIO 1031 III: Organismal BIO ELEC
  CHM 2311/2312 Org Chem/Lab CHM 2321/2322 Org Chem/Lab
  THE 1000 1st level Theol. THE 1500 2nd level Theol.
  HIS 1011 Intro Western Civ. HIS 1021 Intro Western Civ.
  SOC SCI - PSY 1001 1(prerequisite for EDU 2031) ELECTIVE
  BIO 2281 Biol Seminar BIO 2281 Biol Seminar
  PHY 1051/1052 Gen Physics/Lab PHY 1061/1062 Gen Physics/Lab
  PHL 1011 Human Person THE 2000 3rd level Theol.
  SOC SCI (2,3,6EDU 1011 Schools and Society) PHL 1031 Moral Philosophy
  BIO 2281 Biol Seminar BIO 2281 Biol Seminar
     - Apply to the MS in Education with certification in Biology
 - Take praxis I- Reading, Writing, and Math (
  PHL 2000 3rd level Philosophy ART/LIT
  SOC SCI - PSY/EDU 2031-2032 Educational psychol. & Certification Lab II SPE 2111Education of Special Learner
  BIO 2281 Biol Seminar BIO 2281 Biol Seminar
  Take praxis  II: Biology-Content Knowledge (  - Submit praxis scores and BS transcript to Director of Grad. Education Programs
 - Apply to Teacher Certification Programs by June 1st
 - Submit application for student teaching by June 1st
5th Yr (Summer) BIO 4075/4085 (6 cr) Grad Research  
  EDU 4105 Reading in the Content Area  
5th Yr EDU 4165/4166 Practical Issues in Secondary Science & Lab EDU 4225 (6 cr) Student teaching
  EDU 4575 Critical Contemporary Educational Issues EDU 4005 Teachers as Researchers & Reflective Practitioners
  GRAD BIO ELEC  Apply for certification

Additional Information:

  • PSY 1001 Introduction to Psychology is a prerequisite for EDU 2031 Educational Psychology
  • EDU 1011 Schools and Society (linked to EDU 1016 Certification Lab I)  and SPE 211 1 Education of the Special Learner  can be taken at night as EDU 1105 American Education (linked to EDU 1106 Certification Lab)  and  SPE 2115, respectively, with permission of the Secondary Education Advisor (Dr. Michael Clapper,, X1584, 203BL).
  • EDU 1016 Certification Lab I (linked to EDU 1011 Schools and Society) can be taken with GeoKids
  • BIO ELEC may include one semesters of research (BIO 2951/2961)
  • Two semesters of graduate research (BIO 4075/4085) are taken in the summer of year five.  Students are eligible for 37% reduction in tuition.
  • PA Level I teacher certification requirements
  • EDU 4005 and EDU 4575 are highly recommended to fulfill EDU electives.
  • (
  • Graduate research will not satisfy Graduate Biology Elective