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Welcome to the College of Arts & Sciences Advising Web Page

Your advisor is your primary and official source of information and advice, as well as the source for your Personal Identification Number (PIN) which you will need for registration. 

If you have general questions about academic advising, please contact Donna Mallon or x 1280 or visit the dean's office in 113 Barbelin.



Monday April 12                Last day to withdraw from a course; advisor signature required.

Mid April (date TBD)          Beginning of Pre-registration for Fall 2010 courses


FRESHMEN--Please meet with your advisor to pick up and discuss you mid-semester grades.

UPPERCLASSMEN--Your mid-semester grades are available online.

2010 Summer Course Policy

Academic Calendar

Advising Coordinators 

Dept/Office Faculty Name Tel. # Email
Biology (SC222) Dr. Christina King-Smith x1118
Education (BL201) Dr. Eileen Sabbatino x3079
Psychology  (Post 221) Dr. Phyllis Anastasio x1807
Sociology (Post 134) Dr. Robert Moore x1684

Closed courses

Students may obtain permission from the department chair to be signed into a course for a variety of reasons, such as closed course, waiving a pre-requisite. Students should obtain the "authorization to override a course" form and meet with the appropriate department chair. At times, the permission of the particular course instructor and/or the dean is also required. To download the form, click here.

PLS Evening Courses

Students must obtain permission from the chair of the department in which the PLS course is offered. A dean's signature is NOT required. Juniors and seniors may take a maximum of 2 PLS courses per year. Sophomores are generally discouraged from taking  PLS evening courses, although exceptions can be made at the discretion of the appropriate department chair. Freshmen may not take PLS evening courses. Day student enrollment in PLS courses is limited to 20% of the class; some day students who wish to take a specific PLS class may be unable to enroll if the 20% capacity has already been reached.


In accordance with a ruling issued by the GER committee, all three credit courses in Fine and Performing Arts fulfill the GER Art/Lit Requirement, effective now.  Please note that most studio courses require an art fee in addition to normal tuition charges.  Remember that during pre-registration, students and advisors can access such information by clicking on the CRN number for the course. Please direct any questions on this matter to the GER committee or to the department of Fine and Performing Arts.