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Donald I. MacLean, S.J. Chair

Donald I. MacLean, S.J. Chair
Saint Joseph's University

Description of the Chair

The Jesuit Chair in the College of Arts and Sciences is named in honor of Donald I. MacLean, S.J., former president of Saint Joseph's.   Members of the Society of Jesus who are accomplished teachers and scholars in the arts and sciences are eligible to apply for the position.   The establishment of this chair is meant to emphasize that the University's Jesuit identity is inseparable from the finest teaching, scholarship, and collegial discourse.  

Current Chair Holder

Rev. John Martis, S.J. will hold The Donald I. MacLean, S.J. Chair during the Fall 2015 semester.  A member of Jesuit Theological College ( Melbourne, Australia), until its closure in December 2014, he comes to SJU from Pilgrim Theological College, a sister college of the University of Divinity.    He received a Bachelors degree in Science (Organic and Inorganic Chemistry) at the University of Western Australia, and completed his PhD (2000) at Monash University, Melbourne, where his research focused on the link between representation and subjectivity in the writings of the French poststructuralist Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe.
Fr. Martis has previously been a visiting scholar at Notre Dame, and Loyola of Chicago, and lectured at Marquette under the aegis of the Francis C. Wade Chair. While at SJU this fall, he will offer a new course for us -- PHL 367 Postmodernism and Religious Faith. (This course satisfies the Faith and Reason GER requirement, and as a result he’ll be working with 33 of our undergraduates.) Later this fall, John will deliver the annual MacLean Chair Lecture, to which we’re all invited. Details t.b.a.
John’s office is in the BL 261 Suite – next to Joe Corabi’s office.

Office Room # Barbelin Room 261
Phone: x1547

Former chair holders

Fall 1999 Rev. Thomas M. McCoog, S.J. (Archivist of the British Province of the Society of Jesus, History)
Spring 2000 Bro. Guy Consolmagno, S.J. (Vatican Observatory, Physics)
Fall 2000 Rev. Kevin Burke, S.J.(Weston Jesuit School of Theology, Theology)
Fall 2000 - Spring 2001 Rev. Jeff Klaiber, S.J. (Catholic University of Peru, History)
Fall 2001 - Spring 2003 Rev. Patrick Samway, S.J. (Saint Peter's College, English)
Fall 2003 Rev. Dean Brackley, S.J. (University of Central America, Theology)
Spring 2004 Rev. Rob Faesen, S.J. (University of Leuven, Theology)
Fall 2004 - Spring 2005 Rev. Alvaro Ribeiro, S.J. (Georgetown University, English)
Fall 2005 Rev. G. Ronald Murphy, S.J. (Georgetown University, German)
Spring 2006 Rev. Stephen Rowntree, S.J. (Loyola University, New Orleans, Philosophy)
Fall 2006 Rev. Stephen Fields, S.J. (Georgetown University, Theology)
Spring 2007 Rev. Raymond A. Bucko, S.J. (Creighton University, Sociology)
Fall 2007 Rev. Richard A. McGowan, S.J. (Boston College, Economics)
Spring 2008 Rev. Amedeus Shirima, S.J. (Arrupe College in Harare, Zimbabwe, Philosophy
Fall 2008
Rev. Thomas Massaro, S.J.
Spring 2009
Rev. Dennis Leder, S.J.
Fall 2009
Rev. Joseph Brown, S.J.
Spring 2010
Rev. Dudley Mendonca, S.J.
Fall, 2010 Rev. Bruce Morrill, S.J. (Boston College, Theology)
Fall 2011
Rev. Jose Badenes, S.J. (Loyola Marymount University, Foreign Languages &Literatures)
Fall 2012
Rev. John F. Wrynn, S.J. (Saint Peter’s College, History)
Fall 2013
Rev. Aquiline Tarimo, S.J. (Hekima College, Constituent College of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, Theology)
Fall 2014
Rev. T. Michael McNulty, S.J. (Marquette University,  Philosophy)