College of Arts & Sciences

European Studies Program

Major in European Studies

The concentration in European studies in an interdepartmental program that provides a grounding in the study of European history, a useful proficiency in one of the major continental European languages, and knowledge of a continental European culture through study of its literature and civilization.

The hallmark of this major is a program of four upper-division courses in both history and a modern European language, culminating in directed readings and research in European Studies that serves as a capstone course. Study of texts in their original language is an essential element of all the courses for European Studies majors.

Certificate Program

The certificate program in European Studies gives students majoring in a wide variety of areas, such as economics, finance, history, fine and performing arts, foreign languages, marketing, philosophy, and theology, the opportunity to focus their courses in their major, the General Education Requirement, and electives in an area studies program. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of a working level of proficiency in one of the continental languages so that students will be able to communicate effectively with Europeans and to read and analyze documents in their original language.

The program of studies for the certificate includes a minor in a modern European language and at least four upper-division courses dealing with European culture in a variety of fields.