College of Arts & Sciences

European Studies Program

Why European Studies?

The European continent remains the rich source of the culture of most Americans.  More importantly, however, all areas of study at Saint Joseph’s feel its influence:  philosophy, theology, mathematics, languages, literature, fine arts, the sciences, economics and business find their roots well ensconced in the culture of Europe, from ancient Greece to the modern-day European Union. With an influence so pervasive, European culture provides a sound basis for the understanding of the development of Western civilization. Moreover, to know the cradle of one’s culture leads to greater self-understanding: an essential element of the Saint Joseph’s educational credo.

Study Abroad

Students enrolled in either the major or certificate program in European studies are strongly advised to participate in one of SJU's study abroad programs in Strasbourg, France; Marbourg, Germany; or Madrid, Spain.

Career Paths

Since both the major and certificate programs in European studies require the acquisition of a working level of competence in a European language, careers in the international arena are especially attractive. Saint Joseph's graduates in the European studies program have continued their studies on the graduate level in the traditional fields of language and literature and are pursuing careers in teaching and research. Areas that require proficiency in a language, such as international law, international marketing, art history, print and broadcast journalism lead to challenging careers both here and in Europe. Library science, both in the university and corporate world, also offers exciting career options.