Information for Applicants

Important Dates for Cohort 7:

July 20, 2016: Application Opens 

January 31, 2017: Application Deadline 

June 1, 2017: Completion of Background Checks for those Accepted 

June 24, 2017: ACESJU Program begins 

Candidate Requirements: Recent college graduates (2014-17) who seek teaching and administrative placements in Catholic elementary and secondary schools.


Teaching Fellows

Teaching fellows will pursue an M.S. in Education degree with Certification in Elementary (grades preK-4), Middle Years (grades 4-8), or Secondary with a Content Area (grades 7-12).

We also welcome applicants who already possess a Level I certification and are interested in pursuing an additional certification (i.e., Reading Specialist, Specila Education, English as a Second Language).  Applicants will have the opportunity to list their teaching level preference on their application.

These degrees and certification options require certain prerequisites. For example, applicants pursing a Level I Secondary Education Certification will need to have graduated with a degree in their desired teaching field (i.e. English, History, Biology, etc…) and/or have a satisfactory number of credits in a given teaching field (i.e. 21 credits in English and 21 credits in Math). Certain exceptions may be made for comparable courses or degrees. For example, an applicant may have taken courses in Journalism instead of English, or Political Science instead of History. Interested applicants can request that ACESJU review their academic background to determine if prerequisites are met.


Administrative Fellows

Administrative fellows will support the educational missions of their schools by working as campus ministers, development officers, enrollment managers, or in other administrative roles. These fellows will pursue an M.S. in Church Management degree from Villanova University.

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The Alliance for Catholic Education at Saint Joseph's University (ACESJU) is a member of the University Consortium for Catholic Education (UCCE). This consortium establishes and supports a collaborative cadre of primarily Catholic colleges and universities as they design and implement graduate teaching service programs, for the purpose of supporting Catholic/Parochial education in the United States. If ACESJU does not meet your specific needs or interests, please consider applying for one of the other UCCE member programs. Please visit the UCCE website at