Program Requirements

M.S. in Education with eligibility for Level I—Early Childhood Education Certification (grades PreK - 4)

To download an advising form outlining the program requirements click here.

Program Requirements:  36 credits (not including Field Lab credits) for MS, 39 credits for certification (plus Field Lab credits).

Prior to enrollment in any field activity, students will need:

  • A police clearance
  • A child abuse clearance
  • FBI Criminal History Record Check
  • A tuberculin test (for student teaching) 

Note: Clearances should be renewed annually. Application can be found here.


Required Courses      Credits
EDU 550/550F - Historical and Contemporary Perspectives in Education 3
EDU 551/551F - Psychology of Teaching: Developmental Perspectives 3
EDU 642/642F - Perspectives in Early Childhood Education 3
EDU 632/632F - Reading Literature I Perspectives 3
EDU 646/646F - Language & Culture 3
SPE 550/550F - Foundations of Special Education 3
SPE 612/612F - Inclusive Classroom Practices 3
SPE 602/602F - Assessment: Identification & Progress Monitoring   3
EDU 663/663F  - Interdisciplinary Teaching: Math, Science & Technology 3
EDU 667/667F - Interdisciplinary Teaching: Social Studies & Creative Expressions 3
EDU 640/640F - Reading Literature II Perspectives 3
EDU 695 - Early Childhood/Elementary Student Teaching 6


Certification Information:
Level I certificate: recommendation to the state is initiated by SJU: a Level I certificate is good for 6 teaching years.
Level II certificate: 3 years of successful teaching plus the M.S.; recommendation to the state is from school district