Program Requirements

M.S. in Education with eligibility for Level I—Elementary/Middle Education Certification (grades 4-8)

To download an advising form outlining the program requirements click here.

Program Requirements:  36 credits (not including Field Lab credits) for MS, 36 credits for eligibility for certification (plus Field Lab credits).

Testing Certification Requirements: PRAXIS Tests (

  • PPST Reading (0710), PPST Writing (0720)  and PPST Mathematics (0730)  (required to apply for student teaching)
  • Fundamental Subjects: Content knowledge to be determined (students are urged to review testing regulations on the PDE website for updates).

Student Teaching Requirement:  Applications are due one year before planned semester.

Prior to enrollment in any field activity, students will need:

  • A police clearance
  • A child abuse clearance
  • FBI Criminal History Record Check
  • A tuberculin test (for student teaching) 

Note: Clearances should be renewed annually. Application can be found here.

Required Courses
EDU 550/550F - Historical and Contemporary Perspectives in Education 3
EDU 557/557F – Adolescent Development 3
EDU 647/647F - Literacy and Learning Across the Curriculum 3
EDU 646/646F - Language & Culture 3
EDU 671- Writing in the Classroom
SPE 550/550F - Foundations of Special Education 3
SPE 612/612F - Inclusive Classroom Practices 3
SPE 602/602F - Assessment: Identification & Progress Monitoring 3
Select TWO courses from the following list, depending on your concentration:
EDU 612 Instructional Techniques – Social Studies
EDU 616 Instructional Techniques – Math
EDU 618 Instructional Techniques – Science 
EDU 696 – Student Teaching: 4-8 6

Students must have 30 hrs in one area and 12 in each of the others for the one subject option or 21 hrs in two areas and 12 in each of the others for the two subject option.

Certification Information:
Level I certificate: recommendation to the state is initiated by SJU; a Level I certificate is good for 6 teaching years.
Level II certificate: 3 years of successful teaching plus the M.S.; recommendation to the state is from school district.