Health Administration Program

Concentration In Organization Development and Leadership

In addition to the general degree in Health Administration, a concentration is also offered in Organization Development and Leadership. The program is designed for select students who require more knowledge and skills in training in health care. Students who are majoring in Health Administration but want to concentrate in Organization Development and Leadership may choose the following courses in lieu of the administrative component elective and the health service component electives plus two additional courses for a total of 42 credits (14 courses).

ODL 600 Adult Learning: Theory and Application
ODL 610 Adult Learning Methods
ODL 605 Performance Consulting 
ODL 615 Learning Design and Implementation

Felice Tilin
Director, Organization Development and Leadership
Phone: 610-660-1575

Joint Program with Health Education
Master of Science in Long Term Care Administration
Certificate Program in Health Administration
Master of Science in Health Administration with a Concentration in Training and Organization Development