Degree Requirements and Curriculum

A total of eleven courses are required for the degree of Master of Science in Public Safety Management. They are broadly grouped into a public safety and an administrative component.

Please note all new course listings and their previous names in parenthesis.


I. Public Safety Management Core: seven required courses

PSE 550 Fire Department Organization and Management (PSE 4005)
PSE 551 Management Principles and Practices (PSE 4555)
PSE 552 Seminar: Environmental Protection Management (PSE 5555)
PSE 553 Seminar: Disaster Planning and Management (PSE 5565)
PSE 554 Occupational Safety and Health Administration (PSE 5575)
PSE 555 Risk Analysis (PSE 5705)
PSE 795 Case Study in Public Safety (PSE 6005)

II. Electives (four of the following courses)
PSE 601 Fire Protection and Emergency Service Master Planning
PSE 602 Research and Evaluation (PSE 4025)
CRJ 612 Police Executive Management (SOC 4315)
PSE 603 Emergency Medical Services Management
CRJ 613 Technology for the Police Executive (PSE 4325)
PSE 604 Critical Incident Stress Management (PSE 5405)
PSE 560 Seminar: Special/Target Hazard Planning and Evaluation (PSE 5425)
PSE 770 Independent Study in Public Safety
PSE 557 Environmental Law and Enforcement (PSE 5615)
PSE 605 EPA/OSHA Issues for Health Care Institutions (PSE 5635)
PSE 606 Behavorial Aspects of Health and Safety Promotion
CRJ 640 Terrorism: Threats and Strategies (PSE 5745)
CRJ 641 Homeland Security (PSE 5755)
PSE 607 Seminar: Environmental Crime (PSE 5765)
PSE 608 Strategic Planning for the Public Safety Sector (Distance Learning) (PSE 5775)
PSE 611 Seminar: Global Chemical Regulations and Compliance Management

Concentration in Law Enforcement Administration
The MS in Public Safety Management offers a concentration in Law Enforcement Administration. A total of eleven (11) courses are required.

I. Law Enforcement Administration Core
PSE 4305 Law Enforcement Management
PSE 4325 Law Enforcement Technology
PSE 5565 Seminar: Disaster Planning and Management
PSE 5705 Risk Analysis
PSE 5745 Terrorism: Contemporary Issues
PSE 5765 Environmental Crime
PSE 6005 Case Study in Public Safety

II. Electives (4 courses)
Students are also required to take 4 elective courses from a broad selection of courses offered by the Public Safety and Environmental Protection Institute.

Post-Master’s Certificate
Students who already posses a Master’s degree and complete six (6) courses as determined through consultation with the Program Director, will be awarded a Post-Master’s Certificate in Public Safety Management or Public Safety: Concentration in Law Enforcement Administration.