How long is the program?
A: The program is six weeks long. Regular testing will be held the week of June 22, 2015. Specially arranged testing will be held on two consecutive Saturdays, June 6 and 14, 2015.

Q: What time is the program?
A: Classes start promptly at 8:45am (students should be there at 8:30am) and end at 12pm (noon), Monday through Thursday.  Lunch is not served, however you are welcome to provide your child with a snack to bring with him/her.

Q: What is the fee?
A: The complete program fee is $525.  A $75 non-refundable registration fee for each child is due at the time of application.  This is applied to the total cost of the program.

Q: Is there a discount for multiple children from one family?
A: Yes, there is a $100 reduction in the $525 fee for every additional child from the same family.

Q: When is the total amount due?
A: May 22, 2015. A $25 discount will be applied to all balances paid in full before April 1, 2014. Reserved spots are not guaranteed after May 22, 2015, if full balance has not been paid.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: Cash, check or money order, however any monies paid after the May 22, 2015 deadline must be in the form of cash or money order.

Q: What grade levels is the program for?
A: K-9

Q: Does the program emphasize fluency?
A: Yes, fluency is one of the major areas that is emphasized.  The key to our work with fluency is its connection to comprehension and thoughtful response.

Q: Does the program emphasize phonemic awareness and phonics?
A: Yes, both phonemic awareness and phonics are incorporated into the instructional program.  The emphasis for all skill development is its connection to real reading; skills are developed in meaningful contexts.

Q: Does the program emphasize writing?
A: Yes, writing is one of the major areas that is emphasized.  Some writing projects foster creativity while others are linked with guided instruction.

Q: Where do students tend to make the greatest progress?
A: We have a philosophy of integrated learning so while we tend to show great gains in comprehension, word recognition and vocabulary development are taught in conjunction with comprehension.