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In addition to the University's GER/GEP common courses, students wishing to achieve a major in History must take the following courses:

Major Concentration

HIS 201-202 (History of the United States) and ten approved courses numbered 203 or higher.

Besides HIS 100 and Sophomore Seminar and HIS 201 and 202, a history major will be required to complete at least:

  • One upper-division course in American history
  • One upper-division course in European history
  • One course that focuses on a part of the world other than Europe or the United States
  • Two seminars/colloquia (470-478 level) in any area offered, one in the junior year and one in the senior year.
  • Five additional history electives.

Two courses at the upper class level must cover material before the year 1800. The appropriate courses are:

HIS 205 — Historical Introduction to the Islamic World

HIS 206 — Historical Introduction to East Asian Civilizations

HIS 302 — Colonial Mexico

HIS 316 — Grandeur That Was Rome, 707 B.C.E. to 476 C.E

HIS 317 — The Medieval Experience

HIS 318 — The Italian Renaissance

HIS 319 — Revolutions 1517-1648

HIS 320 — Absolutism and Enlightenment

HIS 330 — England from Danes to Tudors, 700-1485

HIS 331 — Tudor-Stuart England

HIS 332 — Age of Aristocracy: Britain 1689-1832

HIS 337 — History of Russia to 1861

HIS 339 — Mongol Empire 1100-1500

HIS 352 — Late Imperial China

HIS 360 — Colonial America

HIS 361 — America in the Age of Revolution

HIS 368 — American Ideas: From the Colonial Era to the Civil War

HIS 389 — African Ethnicities

The seminars/colloquia will also count to satisfy the above area or time requirements for 203 or higher courses. Credit will be given for advanced placement and for appropriate SJU Honors courses or courses taken in foreign programs. History majors with credit transferred from other institutions must complete at least four courses taught by history faculty of Saint Joseph's University. Students who undertake a double major that includes history must consult the chair or department advisor for assistance in scheduling history courses.

GER/GEP University Distribution:

Students who started the program before Fall 2010 can keep track of their courses with this useful history majors' checklist or by following a typical course sequence. Students entering the program Fall 2010 and later can use this checklist and course sequence form.

Integrated Learning Component for History Majors


Requirements for History Minors

The minor in history requires completion of HIS 201-202 and any four courses numbered HIS 203 or higher.