College of Arts and Sciences

Linguistics Program

Guidelines for Authors

What should be included with a submission?

All submissions should be accompanied by a cover page that includes the following three sections of information: (1) the title of the submission (no longer than 12 words), the author’s name(s), postal address, email address, telephone number, university affiliation, official major and minor, and expected year of graduation; (2) a statement documenting that the submission is not currently under review for publication elsewhere; and, (3) a sentence that identifies the history of the submission (i.e., Is the submission based on a class project or was it conducted entirely outside of a class?).  For submissions of the first type (i.e., short essays), nothing additional is required beyond the cover page.  For submissions of the second type (i.e., data-based research projects), author(s) should also include a second page that contains only the (1) title of the submission and (2) an article abstract of up to 150 words.  This second page should not include any personal identifiers (e.g., author’s name, university, etc.).

What format should be followed in all submissions?

All submissions must be in English.  Any examples from other languages must be represented first in those languages and English translations must also be provided.  Author(s) are not expected to include references with short essay submissions unless the author has made use of previously-published research in which case APA referencing style should be used (see  Research projects must be grounded in previously-published research and must include references conforming to the APA Guidelines (  All submissions must be in Times New Roman or Palatino 12-point font.  Italics and boldface type should be used as necessary; underlining should be avoided.  All submissions should be double-spaced throughout and left justified. Page numbers should not be included. Periods should be followed by only one space.

Should data-based research project submissions follow a particular organization?

Yes!  Your paper should include all of the following sections with these subheadings in bold/or italics as indicated in the list: Introduction, Previous Research, Context, Participants, Method (Data Types, Method of Data Collection, Method of Data Analysis). Findings, Discussion/Conclusions, Implications of Study/Areas for Future Research, Notes, References, Appendices.

What about copyright?

Author(s) retain the copyright to their work; however, if a submission (in whole or in part) is published elsewhere, Explorations in Linguistics should be acknowledged.  Author(s) are responsible for obtaining permission for any copyrighted material in their work including but not limited to images, photographs, diagrams, etc.  Please see the Publication Agreement.

Does my research project need IRB-approval?

Explorations in Linguistics expects authors to follow their own university’s IRB guidelines regarding research involving human subjects and to obtain any necessary approvals.  Please direct any questions to your university’s IRB or to the journal’s Student Editor at

What is the review process and how long does it take?

Each submission is peer-reviewed by at least three members of the Editorial Review Board:  typically two undergraduate students and a faculty member.  Other than the Student Editor, peer reviewers will follow a double-blind review process; that is, the identity of the author(s) will not be disclosed to the reviewers and the identity of the reviewers will not be disclosed to the author(s).  Following the review process that usually takes between 2-3 months, the author(s) will receive one of three publication decisions regarding the submission: (1) accepted with minor revisions in language and/or content, (2) request to resubmit with major revisions in language and/or content, or (3) rejected.

Where should submissions and questions be sent?

All questions and submissions (in Microsoft Word .doc or .docx) should be sent by email attachment to the Student Editor at .

Before submitting your paper, please confirm the following:

  • Your submission does not exceed the word limit (including references):  700 words for short essays and 6,000 words for data-based research projects.
  • All submissions should include a cover page and data-based research submissions should include an abstract.
  • All information related to a class is removed (i.e., instructor’s name, course title/number, university, etc.).
  • No copyrighted materials are included without written permission.
  • All references are formatted according to APA style (see
  • The manuscript should be edited carefully to verify the citations (spelling of names, page numbers for all citations, publication dates, etc.) and the format of the references according to APA Guidelines.  
  • All notes are discouraged. If unavoidable, a limited number will be accepted if they are included as endnotes.
  • All required paper sections outlined above are included in data-based research project submissions.

Submissions that do not conform to the above expectations will not be considered.