College of Arts and Sciences

Linguistics Program

What types of submisions are appropriate?

We invite submissions of two types:  (1) short essays (400-700 words) that explore or make unique observations about interesting linguistic features encountered in everyday life (e.g., an overheard conversational interaction or a written language sample such as a billboard or a greeting card); and (2) original, data-based research projects (6,000 words or fewer) on a linguistic topic.  Submissions that are either the result of a class assignment or that represent independently-conducted research are equally welcomed.  Please see the Guidelines for Authors for more information.

Manuscripts may be submitted for review at any time.  Early submissions are encouraged.  In order to be considered for inclusion in a particular issue, manuscripts must be received approximately 3 months prior to it's publication. Please see below for more information. 

The Explorations in Linguistics "Winter Issue" is scheduled for publication on February 1st and the "Summer Issue" on August 1st.

Submission Deadlines:

Winter Issue      November 15th

Summer Issue    May 15th