College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Mathematics

B.S in Math with Secondary Math Certification

Students in this program major in Mathematics and minor in Education.  Other specific courses must be taken as part of the general education requirement (GER).  This program requires four years to complete.

(The information below applies to students beginning at SJU prior to 2010.  The requirements for students beginning in 2010 or later are also available.)

Certification and/or Degree Requirements:

  1. Required undergraduate coursework – taken as GER Courses:
    • PSY 100 Introductory Psychology
    • EDU 160/160F Schools in Society with field experience
    • EDU 151/151F Development, Cognition and Learning or EDU 157/157F Adolescent Development with Field Experience
  2. Specific mathematics courses required as mathematics electives as part of the Mathematics major requirements:
    • MAT 321 Probability
    • MAT 322 Mathematical Statistics
    • MAT 233 or MED 551 History of Mathematics
    • MAT 332 or MED 554 Geometry
    • Note: Certain MED courses may be used to satisfy requirements of the undergraduate mathematics major with the approval of the Department Chairperson.
  3. Required coursework as electives:
    • EDU 247 Reading in the Content Areas
    • SPE 160 Education of the Special Learner
    • EDU 416/417 Instructional Techniques in Mathematics with Field Experience
    • EDU 491 Secondary School Student Teaching (12 credits)
  4. Certification Exams:
    • PPST section of Praxis I
    • Mathematics Content Knowledge exam of Praxis


  • PPST exam should be taken in the spring of the junior year
  • Content Knowledge exam should be taken during the senior year
  • Education should be declared as a minor in the sophomore year
  • Application for student teaching should be done at the end of the spring semester of the junior year
  • All documentation for PA Certification must be submitted by the end of the spring semester of the senior year