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Latin American Studies

Spanish majors and minors with a particular interest in Latin America might consider completing either the Minor (6 courses) or the Certificate (9 courses) in Latin American Studies. As the oldest multidisciplinary program at SJU, the university's Latin American Studies Program aims at deepening students' understanding of Latin America by encouraging them to take a well-rounded and multidisciplinary approach to studying the region. Courses are offered in a variety of disciplines, including history, language, literature, political science, education, theology, and economics.

The difference between the Minor and the Certificate is that the latter requires coursework in language and literature, making it an ideal option for students already majoring or minoring in Spanish. This is an excellent way for Spanish majors and minors to make connections between the languages and cultures that they study in their Spanish classes and the historical, political, economic, and social realities of Latin America. Traditional coursework can be greatly enhanced by participation in one or more of the study abroad programs in Latin America offered by the university. These include programs in El Salvador, Chile, and Argentina. Other Latin American Studies students participate in service immersion trips, such as those in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, or study tours, such as those in Bolivia, among others.

Students graduating with a Latin American Studies Minor or Certificate have gone on to graduate study and careers in business, international affairs, government, law, economics, literature, and a variety of other fields.

For more information, consult the Latin American Studies Program website.