College of Arts & Sciences

Department of Music, Theatre & Film

Music Major Curriculum


  • To provide students with a comprehensive curriculum that deepens musical understanding and awareness, fosters creative expression, and encourages critical analysis and inquiry;
  • To equip students to describe and analyze a variety of musical styles, and to understand music’s cultural and historical contexts;
  • To prepare students for further study of music at the graduate level, careers in the music field, and to excel in professions that combine music with other disciplines;
  • To develop students’ tools to evaluate musical works, bring their own musical creations to realization, and to express their understanding of music effectively in speech and writing;
  • To guide students through substantive research and/or creative projects as a capstone experience;
  • To provide a major that enhances the mission of the College of Arts & Sciences, encouraging specialized study within the context of the liberal arts.

Requirements for the Music Major: 11 courses plus 4 semesters of performance

Music Theory Core: Three Courses
MTF 151 Music Fundamentals*
MTF 251 Music Theory I
MTF 351 Music Theory II
* If a student places out of MTF 151 with a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Music Theory exam, this requirement is met by taking Music Theory I, II, and III.

Music History Core: Three Courses

MTF 157 Music History: Antiquity through 1750
MTF 158 Music History: 1750 to the Present Day
And choose one of the following:
MTF 156 Introduction to World Music
MTF 257 American Music

Music Theory Upper Level: One Course

Choose one of the following:
MTF 252 Music Composition I
MTF 357 Music Theory III

Music History Upper Level: One Course
MTF 370 Special Topics in Music History (rotating)

Music Capstone: One Course
MTF 495 Senior Thesis, Composition, and/or Recital

Music Electives: Two Courses
Choose two of the following:

MTF 142 History of Rock
MTF 156 Introduction to World Music (if not selected above)
MTF 159 Contemporary Music
MTF 241 Basic Conducting
MTF 242 Music and Gender
MTF 252 Music Composition I (if not selected above)
MTF 253 Choral Music Literature
MTF 254 Jazz in Performance
MTF 257 American Music (if not selected above)
MTF 258 Major Composers
MTF 268 Musical Theatre Performance
MTF 352 Music Composition II
MTF 353 Advanced Vocal Performance
MTF 354 Advanced Piano Performance
MTF 355 Advanced Ensemble Performance
MTF 357 Music Theory III (if not selected above)
MTF 358 Advanced Composition
MTF 370 Special Topics in Music History (rotating)
MTF 491 Internship

Performance: Four Semesters

A combination of four semesters of participation in a department-sponsored performance ensemble or private studio.
Ensembles include: Jazz Ensemble, University Singers, Concert Choir, and Chamber Music

Private Studios include: Guitar, Piano, Violin and Voice

GEP Integrative Learning Component: Three Courses
All Music Majors are required to take one of the following:
Art History Courses:

ART 107 Women in Art
ART 202 Late Antique and Medieval Art
ART 203 Renaissance Art and Architecture
ART 204 Baroque Art and Architecture
ART 205 Neo-Classicism to Impressionism
ART 206 Impressionism
ART 207 American Art and Architecture
ART 208 Modern Art
ART 209 Contemporary Art
ART 211 Art at the Barnes Foundation

In addition, Music Majors must choose two courses from the following list of options:
Any course in Foreign Languages at or above 300.
Any course in History at or above 300.
Any course in English at or above 200.

PHL 252 The Philosophy of Karl Marx
PHL 310 Philosophy of Art
PHL 410 Medieval Philosophy
PHL 420 Modern Philosophy
PHL 430 Philosophy of Kant
PHL 432 German Idealism
PHL 446 Feminist Epistemology

SOC 204 Cultural Anthropology
SOC 208 Sociology of Gender
SOC 211 Classical Sociological Theory

MAT 180 Theory of Numbers
MAT 231 Mathematics of Music

Requirements for the Music Minor: 6 courses plus 1 semester of performance

Students wishing to minor in Music may do so by fulfilling the following requirements:
MTF 151 Music Fundamentals*
*If a student places out of Music Fundamentals with a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Music Theory exam, he/she will enroll in Music Theory I to meet this requirement.

Five additional courses selected from the offerings in theory, composition, history, and advanced performance.
Music minors also complete one semester of participation in a department-sponsored ensemble or private studio.