College of Arts & Sciences

Department of Psychology

Five-Year Combined B.S./M.S. Option

Saint Joseph's University's combined B.S./M.S. program in psychology offers students an exciting and challenging curriculum of study emphasizing experimental psychology with a focus on the fields of behavioral neuroscience, clinical psychology and neuropsychology, behavioral pediatrics, social psychology, cognitive psychology, and developmental psychology. The program, which is designed to complement the strengths and interests of the present psychology faculty, also reflects the current state of the discipline of psychology. The program offers a traditional and academically oriented forty-eight credit curriculum which requires a qualifying comprehensive examination and an empirical thesis project. This unique program is designed for successful completion over five academic years.

Undergraduate psychology majors at Saint Joseph’s who apply for the five-year combined B.S./M.S. program will be evaluated for acceptance into the program following the completion of the first semester of the junior year. These undergraduate applicants will be asked to submit a complete undergraduate transcript, three letters of recommendation or reference, and an essay describing their interests and goals of graduate education in psychology. Acceptance into the five-year program will not affect the GER Common Courses or University Distribution Requirement. For more information, contact the Graduate Arts and Sciences Office or the department of psychology.

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