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20t Century China

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34:2 April 2009

Special Issue:
Revisiting Military Affairs from ROC to PRC
Edward A. McCord
"Local Bullies and Armed Force Entrepreneurs: Militia Leadership in Republican Hunan"

Aaron William Moore "Talk About Heroes: Expressions of Self-Mobilization and Despair in Chinese War Diaries, 1911 – 1938"

Brian G. Martin
"Collaboration within Collaboration: Zhou Fohai’s Relations with the Chongqing Government, 1942 – 1945"

Adam Cathcart & Patricia Nash
"War Criminals and the Road to Sino-Japanese Normalization: Zhou Enlai and the Shenyang Trials, 1954 – 1956"

Lawrence Kessler
"Reconstructing Zhou Enlai’s Escape from Shanghai in 1931"

34:1 November 2008
Robert Culp
"'Teaching Baihua: Textbook Publishing and the Production of Vernacular Language and a New Literary Canon in Early Twentieth-Century China "

Chieko Nakajima
"Health andHygiene in Mass Mobilization: Hygine Campaigns in Shanghai, 1920-1945 "

Lee S. Zhu "Communist Cadres on the Higher Education Front, 1955 - 1962 "

Lane Harris "A 'Lasting Boon to All': A Note on the Postal Romanization of Place Names, 1896-1949 "

33:2 April 2008
Special Issue:
Exchanging People, Exchanging Ideas: New Views on Sino-Soviet Affairs
Karin-Irene Eiermann
"'When I Entered Middle School, I was a Great Pessimist': The Autobiographies of Chinese Communist Women in Moscow during the 1920s"

Alexander V. Pantsov & Daria A. Spichak
"New Light from the Russian Archives: Chinese Stalinists and Troskyists at the International Lenin School in Moscow, 1926-1938"

Nicolai Volland
"Translating the Socialist State: Cultural Exchange, National Identity, and the Socialist World in the Early PRC"

Huaiyin Li
"Confrontation and Conciliation under the Socialist State: Peasant Resistance to Agricultural Collectivization in the 1950s"

33:1 November 2007
Jane Leung Larson "Articulating China's First Mass Movement: Kang Youwei, Liang Qichao, the Baohuanghui, and the 1905 Anti-American Boycott"

Michael Gibbs Hill
"National Classicism: Lin Shu as Textbook Writer and Anthologist, 1908-1924 "

Haiyan Lee
"'A Dime Store of Words': Liberty Magazine and the Cultural Logic of the Popular Press "

Shakhar Rahav "A May Fourth 'Peach Blossom Garder': The Number One Work Study Mutual Aid Corps in Beijing "

Yungfa Chen (Translated by Wenjuan Bi with Christopher A. Reed) Review of Jung Chang and Jon Halliday, Mao: The Untold Story

32:2 April 2007
Special Issue:
Education, Culture, and Politics in Modern China: Celebrating Stephen C. Averill's Life and Work

Stephen C. Averill "The Cultural Politics of Local Education in Early Twentieth-Century China"

Steven B. Miles "Out of Place: Education and Identity among Three Generations of Urban Panyu Gentry, 1850-1931"

Elizabeth VanderVen "It's Time for School: The Introduction of the New Calendar in Haicheng County Primary Schools, Northeast China, 1905-1919"

Liyan Liu "Cai Hesen: A Privincial Scholar becomes a Young Radical"

Elizabeth J. Perry "Red Literati: Communist Educators at Anyuan, 1921-25"

Xiaoping Cong "Planting the Seeds for the Rural Revolution: Local Teachers' Schools and the Reemergence of Chinese Communism in the 1930s"

32:1 November 2006

Julia F. Andrews and Kuiyi Shen "The Japanese Impact on the Republican Art World : The Construction of Chinese Art History as a Modern Field "

Kathryn Meyer "Garden of Grand Vision: A Slum Journy--1941"

Michael M. Sheng "Mao Zedong and the Three-Anti Campaign (November 1951 to April 1952): A Revisionist Interpretation "

Richard T. Phillips Research Note: "The Search for Oil in the Chinese Northeast before 1949 "

31:2 April 2006

Special Issue: Studying the Daily Medium: Newspapers as Subject and Source in Republican-Era China, 1911-1949

Timothy B. Weston "Minding the Newspaper Business: The Theory and Practice of Journalism in 1920s China"

Bryna Goodman "Appealing to the Public: Newspaper Presentation and Adjudication of Emotion"

Peter J. Carroll "Fate-Bound Mandarin Ducks: Newspaper Coverage of the 'Fashion' for Suicide in 1931 Suzhou"

31:1 November 2005

Micah Muscolino "A Forest of Sails and Masts: Environment and Economy in an Early Twentieth-Century Chinese Fishery "

Michael G. Murdock "Whose Modernity? Anti-Christianity and Educational Policy in Revolutionary China, 1924-1926"

John M. Carroll "Displaying the Past to Serve the Present: Museums and HeritagePreservation in Post-Colonial Hong Kong "

30:2 April 2005

Charles Musgrove "Cheering the Traitor: The Post-War Trial of Chen Bijun, April 1946"

Yamin Xu "Policing Civility on the Streets: Encounters with Litterbugs, 'Nightsoil Lords,' and Street Corner Urinators in Republican Beijing"

Dong Wang "Redeeming 'A Century of National Ignominy': Nationalism and Party Rivalry over the Unequal Treaties, 1928-1947"

30: 1 November 2004

Margherita Zanasi "Fostering the People’s Livelihood: Chinese Political Thought between Empire and Nation"

James Flath "Temple Fairs and the Republican State in North China"

Zhiwei Xiao "The Expulsion of American Films from China, 1949-1950"

Paul B. Foster "Jin Yong’s Linghu Chong Faces off against Lu Xun’s Ah Q: Complements to the Construction of National Character" Past Issues of Twentieth Century China Past Issues of Republican China