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Dr. Angiolillo Paul Angiolillo, Ph.d., Associate Professor and Chair, Physics
Dr. Angiolillo earned his B.S. in Physics from Saint Joseph's College (before it gained university status) and then went on to obtain a M.S. and Ph.D. in molecular biophysics from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Angiolillo is currently a visiting scholar at the University of Pennsylvania. Before returning back home to Saint Joseph's in 2000, Dr. Angiolillo taught in the department of mathematics, physics and computer science at the University of Sciences in Philadelphia. Dr. Angiolillo's research program has evolved away from biophysics and is now concentrated in the area of experimental condensed matter and materials physics.

Dr. Grevera George Grevera, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair, Computer Science
My research is in medical imaging which combines the areas of computer vision, digital signal processing, computer graphics, and medical physics as applied to the detection and analysis of biologically-based signals. I was recently awarded a grant from the NIH (National Institutes of Health) to develop a new software system called CAVASS (Computer Aided Visualization and Analysis Software System). CAVASS includes many unique features such as rendering at interactive rates, rigid, affine, and deformable registration, and livewire and fuzzy connectedness-based segmentation, Many of the algorithms are implemented in parallel. This work has resulted in more than 10 publications and one invited book chapter.