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Foreign Languages (2 intermediate-level courses required)


For Students in the Classes of 2011, 2012, and 2013

Foreign Languages (2 intermediate-level or higher courses required)

The requirement can be fulfilled in a variety of languages including: Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish

Current students who have not yet begun their foreign language requirement can complete the requirement by taking any of the following sequences of courses (not all sequences are available in all languages):

101, 102 & 113 (formerly 1011, 1021 & 1031) 116 & 117 (SPA only, formerly 1061 & 1071) 201 & 202; or 301 & 302 (formerly 1211 & 1221; or 1311 & 1321)

NB: Latin and Greek students who complete 101 & 102 must complete both 201 & 202
For current students who began studying language at the First Year level, the Second Year level or at the Conversation level, the appropriate course sequencing during this period of transition from GER to GEP and four-digit course numbers to three-digit course numbers is as follows:

Acceptable sequences in FRE, GRM, ITA and SPA that will satisfy the GER foreign language requirement:

1051--> 116 -->117
1311--> 312
311 --> 312

Acceptable sequences in LAT as well as CHN, JPN, RUS:

1011-->1021 --> 201--> 202
1011--> 102 --> 201--> 202

Please note that all students who enrolled at Saint Joseph's University before summer 2010 must complete either a non-native language course sequence at the intermediate level (1200 or 200 level) or they must complete a three-course sequence at the beginning/intermediate level. There will be no exceptions. All students who are currently enrolled must satisfy the GER foreign language requirement: two semesters are the intermediate level or higher or three semesters at the beginning/intermediate level, except in LAT, CHN, JPN and RUS, where students must complete the intermediate-level sequence.