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THEOLOGY: (3 courses, 1 at each level, taken in the sequence shown below)


For Students in the Classes of 2011, 2012, and 2013

The Theology Department will now be known as the “Theology and Religious Studies Department,” offering a major in each of these two areas.  It now identifies its courses as either “THE” (Theology) or “REL” (Religious Studies).  (A few courses will be cross-listed as both “THE/REL”)'

Level 1:  One THE  200 level course: 

THE 154  Faith, Justice, & Catholic Tradition   (new)
THE 221 Intro to New Testament    (formerly THE 1101 )
THE 241 Intro to Systematic Theology   (formerly THE 1211  )
THE 261 Intro to Christian Social Ethics  (formerly THE 1301 )

Level 2: One non-Christian religion studies course, REL xxx,
THE/REL 211 Hebrew Bible (formerly THE 1501 )
REL 101 Comparative Religion (formerly THE 1811 )
REL 231 Judaism (formerly THE 1941)
REL 241 Islam (formerly THE 1961)
REL 261 Hinduism (formerly THE 1911)
REL 271 African and Caribbean Religions (formerly THE 1971 )
Level 3: One advanced course, in either THE or REL (usually at 300 level)
REL 212 Israelite Religion (formerly THE 2001)
THE 321 Synoptic Gospels (formerly THE 2111)
THE 335 Gender and Christian Spirituality (formerly THE 2261)
THE 336 The Jewish and Christian Encounter (formerly THE 2193)
REL 338 Jewish & Christian Responses to the Holocaust (formerly THE 1951)
REL 341 The Qur’an and Its Interpreters (formerly THE 2131)
THE 365 Christian Marriage Today: Sacred Reality or ‘Piece of Paper’? (formerly THE 2431) THE 368 Just Health Care in Developing Nations (formerly THE 2461)
THE 368 Just Health Care in Developing Nations (formerly THE 2461)
THE 370 Special Topics in Theology: The Eucharist: A project in solidarity (formerly THE 2813)
THE 373 Economic Ethics (formerly THE 2501)
THE 380 Interreligious Dialogue (new)
REL 381 Apocalypticism in the Ancient World (formerly THE 2091)
REL 382 Women and Religion in the Ancient World (formerly THE 2071)

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