College of Arts & Sciences

Dean's Office

How to Fill Out FARO
1.   Login to MySJU.
2.   Click School Services/Faculty and Advisors.
3.   Click Faculty Annual Reports (last item on the list).
4.   Click 2014.


    Follow the steps below to complete the report:

  •     Fill out the fields in each tab under Teaching, Research/Scholarly Work, Service, Goals/Objectives.
6 buttons

    •     Fields that are denoted with a red asterisk are required fields. You must fill out all the required fields or the report will not be submitted successfully.
    •     Remember to click “Save and Continue” to save the report or click “Save and Exit” if you wish to take a break and return to complete the report later.
    •     After you have filled out all the fields, click View/Print to print a paper copy and/or to save the report as a PDF file. Then click Review/Submit tab to   send it to your chair for review.
    •     If you wish to upload your CV, you can do so anytime after you start the Faculty Annual Report. We recommend that you upload your CV after you complete your report and before you submit it to your chair. To upload your CV, do the following:
    •         Make sure you have saved the Faculty Annual Report by clicking either “Save and Continue” or “Save and Exit.”
    •         Under CV Option, click Browse to locate your CV on your computer.
    •         Click Upload File to upload a current copy of your CV as an attachment