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Faculty Annual Report
What advantages does the Faculty Annual Reports Online offer?

Faculty Annual Report Online provides faculty an easy to use and efficient means to fill out and submit their faculty annual reports. It also allows the data of faculty annual reports to be stored in a central repository on the IT secure server. It eliminates redundancy and duplicate email attachments to the chairs and the Dean. As it is paperless, it has the additional advantage of being green.

What improvements can we find in version 2 of the Faculty Annual Reports?

  •     Added 6 Easy to navigate individual tabs.
  •     “Save and Continue” and “Save and Exit” buttons are available in each tab
  •     "View/Print" allows printing a paper copy and saving the report as a PDF file.
  •     Fields not applicable to faculty and left blank are suppressed in "View/Print"
  •     Added pop-up text to provide clarification.
  •     Added an optional “upload CV” feature.

Six buttons

Who should submit the faculty annual reports online?
All tenured and tenure track faculty members are encouraged to complete and submit their annual faculty report online.

When will I be able to complete my faculty annual report online?
Faculty Annual Reports Online will be available to tenured and tenure track faculty between December 1, 2009 and February 15, 2010. Tenured and tenure track faculty must complete and submit their faculty annual reports over this period and completed reports must be submitted by February 15, 2010.

What is the process of the faculty annual report?
The process is explained in the Faculty Annual Report flow chart.

Can faculty make changes to the annual report after the report has been submitted to the chair?
Faculty will not be able to make changes to the report after it has been submitted to the Chair. However, the chair, after reviewing the faculty member’s report, can re-route the report back to the faculty if he/she deems that changes need to be made by the faculty. The last day to submit faculty reports for 2009 is February 15, 2010.

Can I have access to my faculty annual reports?
Yes, all faculty annual reports submitted online are stored in the IT secure server. You will have access to your present and past annual reports that have been submitted online by using your SJU username and password. No one will be able to access your faculty annual report except you, your chairperson and the Dean.

If I have questions about how to fill out the faculty annual report, whom do I contact?
You can email Anne Szewczyk at if you have questions about how to fill out the faculty annual report.