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Since its inception in 2002, the GeoKids LINKS collaboration has conducted formal program evaluation through an independent, external evaluator.  The assessments include: analysis of student test scores and other data; teacher and fellow surveys; and student and teacher focus groups.plant lab

Student Outcomes:
•    Children in GeoKids Classes consistently show greater improvement on standardized tests compared with children in the same schools who are not in GeoKids.
•    Multiple years of GeoKids participation results in greater student improvement.

Teacher Outcomes:
•    Teachers self-report an increased comfort level with teaching science.
•    Participation in annual workshops and training sessions at WFIS and SJU enhances teacher understanding of and comfort with science content.

Graduate Fellow Outcomes:
•    Fellows demonstrate an increased ability to talk about science to non-scientists.
•    Fellows gain an understanding of the complex issues facing K-6 educators in urban settings.
•    Fellows develop time management and other skills necessary to balance the demands of graduate school with the community and education outreach effort of the program.

The following forms have been used in project evaluation; they were developed or adapted by Dr. Alex Schuh, of FRONTIER21 Education Solutions. These are provided primarily for internal use and as a reference. Please contact us for more information.

Fellows Survey Form (Pre)
Fellows Survey Form (Post)
Teachers Survey Form (Pre)
Teachers Survey Form (Post)
Classroom Observation Protocol
Principal Interview Protocol
Staff Interview Protocol
Teacher Focus Group Protocol