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Curriculum Resources Developed for GeoKids LINKScelebration

These resources were developed for use in elementary school classrooms by GeoKids LINKS. LINKS is a collaboration involving the School District of Philadelphia, The Wagner Free Institute of Science, and Saint Joseph's University. If you use these, please acknowledge GeoKids LINKS, whose major funding institutions are:

•    The Wagner Free Institute of Science and its supporters.
•    The National Science Foundation, through NSF# 0139303 and #0440506
Saint Joseph's University
•    The Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Mini-unit Resources:
These units were designed to be completed in about six weeks.

Semester-long unit Resources:
These year long units include a 90 minute lesson for each week, as well as follow-up activities. The lessons are delivered by a team that includes Wagner educators and Fellows. Follow-up activities may involve additional classroom activities such as writing, field trips, etc.

The full second grade fall unit is available here: Second Grade Fall Unit

Additional sample lessons are available below.

Grade Unit
1 Rocks and Soil
2 Cycles and Systems in Science
3 Rocks and Minerals
4 Wetland Ecosystems
5 Investigating Our World