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Karen Snetselaar Karen Snetselaar - GeoKids LINKS PI   

Dr. Karen Snetselaar grew up on a farm in Iowa.  She had a variety of jobs, including working as a letter carrier for the US Postal Service, before completing her PhD at the University of Georgia.  Her doctoral research at UGA involved using microscopic techniques to study fungi that cause disease on plants.  Since coming to Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia her teaching and research have involved plant biology and/or microscopy in some way.  She teaches courses that involve learning to identify plants and learning about the importance of plants to humans at the college level.  She has also taught a variety of adult education courses with a similar focus.  Her research involves studying a fungus that causes disease on corn plants.  She has had many collaborators in these studies, including middle school students, elementary school teachers, and SJU graduate and undergraduate students.  Dr. Snetselaar taught the first Service-Learning course in science at SJU, and she is committed to continuing development of meaningful outreach opportunities for science students. 

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