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Undergraduate Fellows

Undergraduate Fellows work in a variety of science education outreach activities.  Some fellows work alongside WFIS Educators and GeoKids LINKS graduate fellows to help teach hands-on science lessons in 1st through 5th grade classrooms in North Philadelphia.  Others work with high school students in our High School LINKS program or assist in teaching the Science Education Service Learning course. During the summer, selected undergraduates are awarded a competitive fellowship to work with a faculty mentor and conduct a summer research project, while also helping to plan and conduct science activities for camps held at SJU. The summer Undergraduate LINKS Fellowship is supported with funding from the Dietrich W. Botstiber Foundation.

Byran Hennessey, '12 discusses his experience as a LINKS Undergraduate Fellow.


Meet our current undergraduate fellows

Megan Burke, B.S. Biology, Class of 2018 (HS LINKS )
 Megan Burke
Why are you looking forward to being a fellow : When I was younger science was not my favorite subject in school. It was something that I just didn't get. But when I took biology in high school, my teacher changed everything and explained things in a way that made me excited about science. I want to do that for someone else
Other Interest: Outside of classes, I play on the club rugby team for Saint Josephs, I am involved in my sorority Alpha Omicron Pi , I love baking and cooking.


 Lauren Lewis, B.S. Biology, Classics Minor, Class of 2017 (GeoKids LINKS)

Why are you looking forward to being a fellow: I am excited to work with the students again this semester! They are so eager to learn, and I love seeing them take the science that they learn in the classroom and draw connections with the world around them. I hope to improve both my teaching and communication skills.
Other Interest:  I love languages, especially Latin and Spanish, plant pathology, being outdoors and hiking, drawing, and good movies!

 Daniel McDevitt, B.S. Biology, Class of 2017 (HS LINKS)

 Daniel McDevitt
Why are you looking forward to being a fellow: I am looking forward to learning how to effectively teach a lab class.
Other Interest:  teaching, evolutionary brain development, water polowatching funny movies, and cooking

 Joseph Quinlan, B.S. Biology, Art & History Minors, Class of 2019 (GeoKids LINKS)

Why are you looking forward to being a fellow: I’m looking forward to sharpening my teaching abilities and being able to educate kids of different grade levels about the fascinating world of science. 
Other Interest:  Outside of class, I enjoy oil painting, travelling, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.

Catherine Sciortino, B.S. Biology, Chemistry & Art Minors, Class of 2017 (HS LINKS)
 Catherine Sciortino

Why are you looking forward to being a fellow: I am looking forward to helping younger students become exited about science and developing their critical thinking and reasoning skills.
Other Interest:  Outside of classes, I work in a pharmacy and I really enjoy art.  I love making crafty-things and going to museums.