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Undergraduate Fellows

Undergraduate Fellows work in a variety of science education outreach activities.  Some fellows work alongside WFIS Educators and GeoKids LINKS graduate fellows to help teach hands-on science lessons in 1st through 5th grade classrooms in North Philadelphia.  Others work with high school students in our High School LINKS program or assist in teaching the Science Education Service Learning course. During the summer, selected undergraduates are awarded a competitive fellowship to work with a faculty mentor and conduct a summer research project, while also helping to plan and conduct science activities for camps held at SJU. The summer Undergraduate LINKS Fellowship is supported with funding from the Dietrich W. Botstiber Foundation.

Byran Hennessey, '12 discusses his experience as a LINKS Undergraduate Fellow.

Meet our current Fellows:

Adam Acevedo   

Adam Acevedo, B.S. Biology, Class of 2016
Why are you looking forward to being a fellow: Because I believe that I have a lot to contribute and can bring a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge to the kids.
Other Interest:  music, reading, puzzels, watching funny movies, and cooking

Kathleen Logan, Biology Major, Behavioral Neurosciene and Health Care Ethids Minro, Class of 2016
Why are you looking forward to being a fellow: I am excited to be a GeoKids LINKS Fellow!  I am looking forward to sharing my passion for science with elementary students, and to learning from all the students!
Other Interest: As a Biology major, I love all science but especially neuroscience (I love the paradox - we learn about our brain using our brain!). In my free time, I enjoy running and reading, and taking care of my family's new Beagle - Shenanigans!

Christina Mirarchi, B.S. Biology, Class of 2016
Research Focus: I am researching the bacterium Sinorhizobium meliloti in Dr. Arango's Lab.
Why are you looking forward to being a fellow: I am excited to share my interest in science with other students.  I would like to become more comfortable in communicating science to others.
Other Interest:   I would like to incorporate biology into my future career, which I have recently decided that I would like to teach high school biology. I am an RA for sophomore students.  I love working with children, and playing intramural basketball and football at SJU.
Christina Mirarchi 
Ryan Vance B.S. Biology, Class of 2016
Why are you looking forward to being a fellow: I get to positvely impact the science community.
Other Interest:  Exercise physiology, reading, and running