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Science in the Summer Teacher Workshop
Urban Wilderness: Transforming the city into a living classroom

August 2015 - Twenty K-8 grade teachers from GeoKids LINKS partner schools participated in a one-day workshop with interactive sessions to increase their science content knowledge on urban ecology.

Activities included:

  • A discussion with Dr. Karen Snetselaar, Saint Joseoh's University Department of Biology, on how we as a society define wildness, challenging conventional notion that urban spaces are not considered "wild"
  • Using field notebooks to foster observational skills of urban wildlife including birds and invertebrates.
  • Exploration of citizen science projects and ideas for integration into the classroom.
  • A presentation by Fr. John Braverman, SJ, Saint Joseoh's University Department of Biology, of wildlife photography, featuring birds common to SJU's campus.
  • A presentation by GeoKids LINK Alum Tony Croasdale on his work engaging Philadelphia high school students with citizen science projects. 

Support for this workshop was provided by Saint Joseph's University.

More educational resources on citizen science projects:

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