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Each summer GeoKids LINKS collaborators host an interactive summer workshop for all GeoKids LINKS participants, including teachers and fellows.  Workshops are designed to help fellows prepare for the upcoming school year, offer professional development opportunities for participating teachers, and strengthen the efforts of the collaboration. 

In August 2012, SJU hosted a three-day teacher workshop called Water in the City: From Rooftops to Rivers, that focused on the urban water cycle and stormwater management.

Workshops feature a variety of skill-building sessions including:workshops

•    Team building Activities
•    Curriculum Development
•    Technology Skill Building
•    Lab Experiences
•    Reading Discussions
•    Field Trips

Participating Teachers can receive science education credits and a stipend for participating in the workshops.

Examples of previous workshop sessions include:

•    Building Scientific Literacy: GeoKids Through the Years
•    Technology – Research Presentation Preparation
•    Teacher Presentations on Classroom Management
•    Field Trip to the Stroud Water Research Center
•    Teaching in an Urban Setting
•    History of the Wagner Free Institute of Science