College of Arts & Sciences

Health Professions Advising

Pace Program Policies

1. PACE students sign an agreement with Thomas Jefferson prior to beginning their studies at Saint Joseph's University. This agreement stipulates the grade point average required to maintain a place in the program (usually a 3.0) and should reflect the year in which the student is expected to begin coursework at Jefferson.

2. Students are expected to send Jefferson a copy of their grade report (an unofficial copy is OK) each semester so that the Jefferson advisors can keep track of their progress. This transcript should be directed to Mr. Don Sharples, our liaison at Jefferson, and sent to the following address:

Office of Admissions
Jefferson College of Health Professions
Edison Building, Suite 100
130 South 9th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107-5233

3. Jefferson will not accept any grades lower than a "C" in any prerequisite courses. That means that a student will have to repeat a course if his/her grade is a "C" or lower, even if it is a passing grade at Saint Joseph‘s and even if the overall grade point average is at or higher than the required average for Jefferson. This rule applies only to the prerequisite courses required by Jefferson.

4. Some summer courses may be needed in order to complete all of the SJU GER and major requirements before moving to Jefferson. Although summer courses do not have to be taken at SJU, students MUST have outside courses pre-approved by the Associate Dean of Arts & Sciences BEFORE registering for the course. Once the summer course is complete, it is the student's responsibility to have an official transcript of the grade sent to the SJU Registrar's Office. This is important so that the student will get proper credit for the course on their SJU transcript.

5. PACE students will receive priority registration at SJU to help them to obtain the classes they need to maintain progress toward their SJU and Jefferson requirements. Students are urged to meet with the Health Professions Advisor, Mrs. O'Hara, to make sure they are taking the appropriate courses for their program at Jefferson. IT IS THE STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY TO COMPLETE ALL OF THE NECESSARY COURSES FOR THEIR SJU DEGREE AND THEIR JEFFERSON PREREQUISITES.

6. If a PACE student elects to remain at SJU for only 2 years instead of 3, he or she will NOT be eligible to receive a degree from Saint Joseph's. It takes 3 years to complete the SJU general education and major requirements even though, in some cases, it is possible to complete the Jefferson requirements in less time.

7. Students who complete 3 years at SJU will still need to transfer back their first year of coursework from Jefferson in order to have the full complement of credits needed for a baccalaureate degree. For this reason, students are kept on active status at SJU during their first year at Jefferson even though they pay no money to SJU. This allows the student to receive all of the appropriate information about graduation (diploma, cap & gown, etc). Students participate in commencement exercises with their original class at SJU.

The amount of time spent at Jefferson depends on the specific major program and the level of the degree:

Radiologic Sciences 2 years at Jefferson for B.S. degree, 1 year for students who already have a bachelor's degree in another field
Bioscience Technologies several possible options
  3+1 = 3 yrs at SJU + 1 year at Jefferson = B.S. degree
  3+2 = 3 yrs at SJU + 2 years at Jefferson =B.S./M.S. degree
Nursing several possible options
  3+2 = 3 yrs at SJU + 2 yrs at Jefferson = BSN degree (Prelicensure program)
  4+ 1 = 4 yrs at SJU + 1 yr at Jefferson = BSN degree (Accelerated BSN for students who already have a bachelor's degree in another field)
Occupational Therapy 2 years at Jefferson for MSOT degree
Physical Therapy 3 years at Jefferson for DPT degree

8. Any financial aid and/or scholarship money received from Saint Joseph's University is only applicable to the tuition at Saint Joseph's. When the student moves to Jefferson, they cannot carry over scholarship money from SJU. Note that any SJU scholarship specified for 4 years would be prorated for the 3 years at this campus. (ex. A student who receives an SJU Presidential scholarship valued at $20,000 over 4 years or $5000 per year would still only receive $5000 per year over the 3 years at this campus or $15,000). Students are urged to contact the Financial Aid Office at Jefferson for information on their scholarships and aid programs.