College of Arts & Sciences

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Grant for Science Education at SJU

Laboratory and Curriculum Development
biomechanics Students in Biomechanics laboratory examining the effects of seed shape and density on wind-borne dispersal distributions.

The objective of the laboratory and curriculum development component of the HHMI grant is to propose, develop, and implement new curricular offerings that illustrate and emphasize the role of physics or quantitative analysis in biological studies. 

New courses developed and implemented:

Bio 405:  Biomechanics   
Instructors:  Dr. Jonathan Fingerut (Biology);  Dr. Piotr Habdas (Physics)

Bio 421:  Molecular and Cellular Biophysics
Instructor:  Dr. Edwin Li

Bio 422:  Applied and Enviromental Microbiology
Instructor:  Dr. Catalina Arango

In addition, a new module emphasizing quantitative analysis was developed for the third “core” biology course, Bio 201: Biology IIIOrganismic Biology.