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Howard Hughes Medical Institute Grant for Science Education at SJU

Saint Joseph’s considers social justice, the pursuit of the greater good, and compassion for those in need to be mission priorities. Building on an NSF-funded Graduate K-12 Biology program in partnership with the Wagner Free Institute of Science, called GeoKids LINKS (Learning Involving Neighborhoods, Kids, and Science) the outreach component of our HHMI grant is dedicated to continuing this successful program in propose to transform that program into the HHMI Geokids LINKS program.  This program will continue to engage undergraduate students in Biology, Chemistry and Physics in service learning in four urban elementary schools.  The students are supervised and directed by the elementary school teachers, our partners from the Wagner Free Institute of Science, and two M.S. graduate student fellows. The existing program impacts ca. 400 K-5 students and teachers per year.  These students have shown statistically significant increases in standardized test scores relative to comparable students in the same grades at the same schools.

For more information:
Contact Caitlin Fritz, Program Coordinator
Dr. Karen Snetselaar, Chair, Outreach Subcommittee