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The John P. McNulty Scholars Program

is designed for highly qualified young women who are pursuing a degree in one of the natural sciences, mathematics or computer science at Saint Joseph’s University. This challenging program provides full- and partial-tuition scholarships, and a supportive environment to help bright young women become leaders who reach the highest echelons of the STEM professions. 

McNulty Program gradates have gone onto pursue advanced degrees in biology, food science, mechanical engineering, materials chemistry and neuroscience at institutions including Cornell University, Georgetown University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Illinois and Johns Hopkins University.


A Bucket List from the McNulty Scholars '16


by Kathleen Logan, Christina Freeman and Heidi Kurn

As the McNulty Scholars Program Class of 2016, we can't believe we are seniors already! It seems like just yesterday we were moving into our freshman dorms, getting lost in Barbelin, and trying our first hawk wrap. With the start of our last year on Hawk Hill,  there are still so many things that we want to do before we graduate. Here is our “SJU Bucketlist” to help us keep track of all the things we have to do this year.

1.    Climb to the top of the bell tower
2.    Go on the roof of the Science Center
3.    Watch the sunset from the top of Hawk’s Landing
4.    Eat a hawk wrap for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
5.    Have a picnic on the St. Mary’s lawn
6.    Hold a face sign of a basketball player during a game
7.    Attend a basketball tournament
8.    Play wiffle ball under the lights of Sweeney Field
9.    Run from SJU to Manayunk and back
10.  Swim in the O’Pake pool
11.  Win Quizzo at Landmark
12.  Go to Christmas dinner at the dining hall
13.  Drink milk, eat cookies, and watch movies with the Milk, Cookies, and Movies club
14.  Read every edition of the Hawk
15.  Go sledding by Sweeney Field
16.  Take a nap in the Science Center
17.  Go to a conference to present research
18.  Attend the spring concert
19.  Go to the Holy War
20.  Join a new club

Our last year is going to be a busy year!


Application deadline: February 1, 2016